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Customer satisfaction is paramount for Emir Asset Management. We help customers to feel special at any moment by working for their needs and expectations.


Let Emir Asset Management realize your dream of a debt-free life.

Expert Staff

With its expert staff in financial and economic fields, Emir Asset Management always provides full support to individuals and units.

Financial Freedom

Emir Asset Management enables institutions and individuals to rediscover financial freedom with special payment options by saving the debtor from the limits of life.

Customer Testimonials

A*** Y******

Good afternoon, there may be some malicious people who irresponsibly take loans and do not pay back, but not everyone. Some people get into a jam unavoidably. In fact, they are ashamed of being indebted even in their inner world. I lived in shame even in my dreams because of the debt I couldn't pay for a long time. I am grateful to your institution and the help of Mr. O*** for getting rid of this burden and shame. May all the wishes of Mr. O*** come true. Best regards.

S******* T***

Hello, would like to express my gratitude to all of your managers, especially to the relevant personnel for your quick return and help. Have a nice day.

S***** S***

Today, I was called by Emir Asset Management Team Leader Mr. O*** and told that the problem was not originated from them, they were behind their promise even though the execution continued, and that there would be deduction by the amount stated in the protocol. I created the first complaint about Emir Asset Management and when my file was transferred by my bank, I made research on social media and could not find any complaints. It is good to have people doing their work good. I would like to thanks especially to, Emir Asset Management, and Mr. O***.

S***** O****

Hello, the attached image is a receipt of discharge showing the debt paid to you. First of all, when I called you, my aim was to learn my debt and when this process started you directed me to Mrs. A ***. I would like to thank Mrs. A*** here. While I called only to learn about my debt, with her approach and assistance, we started the debt discharging process and I would like to thank her again for helping us to get rid of the burden of debt and her concern. I would like to kindly ask you to convey my thanks and wishes to Mrs. A***. Sincerely,

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News from Us

Date : 30.12.2019 Portfolio purchase from ICBC TURKEY BANK A.S

Commercial loans, personal loans and credit card receivables amounting to 18.196.546,75 TL non-performing balance in total as of November 30, 2019 has been purchased by EMIR VARLIK YONETIM A.S. in December 30, 2019.

Date : 20.11.2019 Portfolio purchase from ING BANK A.S.

Personal loans and credit card receivables amounting to 149.536.987,64 TL non-performing balance in total has been purchased by EMIR VARLIK YONETIM A.S. in November 20, 2019.

Date : 19.11.2019 Portfolio purchase from QNB FINANS FINANSAL KIRALAMA A.S.

Troubled Asset Portfolio receivables amounting to 46.028.009 TL non-performing balance in total as of December 19, 2019 has been purchased by EMIR VARLIK YONETIM A.S.