A System That Takes Care of You

Emir Asset Management is an audited asset management company that has been operating since 2017 with the official authorization of Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency, and has the vision of "being a company that prioritizes the financial freedom of its customers" by buying loans and overdue debts that our valued customers can't pay from banks and other financial institutions to make them payable easily and quickly.

By restructuring the debts of individuals and institutions in a more reasonable manner within the framework of flexible payment plans appropriate for individual opportunities, it eliminates the problems the customers may encounter and protects everyone's prestige. Emir Asset Management provides financial convenience to everyone considering their income level, ability to pay, and living conditions in the payment plan.

A System That Takes Care of You

Providing the most appropriate payment opportunities for the portfolios of individuals and institutions taken from banks, Emir Asset Management is always with you to open your doors to a life in which you have financial freedom and make your dreams come true.

With our expert staff and the understanding of friendship based on mutual trust, we make life worth living and stand by everyone.

Emir Varlık Yönetim A.Ş. is an asset management company established in accordance with the establishment license dated 10.03.2017 and numbered 7265 issued by the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency.