About Asset Management

Asset management companies are established to operate to buy, restructure, and sell the receivables and other assets of banks, private financial institutions, and other financial institutions. Asset management companies can buy or sell the receivables, savings deposit funds and other assets of banks, other asset management companies, and financial institutions, collect the receivables from the debtor, convert the assets into cash or sell by restructuring them.

When the activities of Asset Management companies which have been operating in Turkey since 2002 with the applications in the world, the activities of audited asset management companies can be expressed as follows: To provide consultancy and intermediary services in the restructuring of receivables and other assets of banks, asset management companies, savings deposit funds, and other financial institutions or sale of them to third parties.

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To operate within the scope of the capital market legislation and issuance of securities provided that the necessary permissions are obtained.

To acquire affiliates in order to realize its activities.

To invest in financial products that other asset management companies exported or intermediated for sale.

To provide consultancy services to companies in the fields of corporate and financial restructuring.