Emir Varlık Yönetim A.Ş. is an asset management company established in accordance with the establishment license dated 10.03.2017 and numbered 7265 issued by the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency.

The application for the official authorization was filed on 09.06.2017 and the BRSA's decision dated 13.07.2017, and numbered 7408 on the issuance of the official authorization was published in the Official Gazette No. 30128.

Customer satisfaction is paramount for Emir Asset Management.

We do not only save the moment by satisfying individuals and institutions with special payment plans but also offer a long-term, loyalty-oriented relationship to all customers with honesty, transparency, and reputation management. Emir Asset Management helps its customers to feel special at any moment by working for their needs and expectations.

"Problems cannot be solved with the same mindset that created them," said Einstein. At this point, Emir Asset Management helps its customers to focus on their solutions rather than their problems with its solution-oriented approaches. We investigate the basis of material losses and empathize with customers. We change the perception systems by taking the persons and institutions seeking to get rid of their debts out of their problems and make them look at life more optimistically. Remember, waiting for a magic wand to touch our lives drag people into negativity. Let's get out of your problems with Emir Asset Management assurance and make your debt-free dreams come true, together.

How many things there are that you want to do! To buy a new car and enjoy a great holiday with your loved ones... But then came a moment and your whole life darkened with debt. You could not work with banks, you have had difficulties in hiring, you have been busy with lawsuits filed against you, in short, you have been trapped in every aspect of life.
At this point, Emir Asset Management, with special payment options for institutions and individuals, enables debtors to rediscover financial freedom by saving them from the limits of life and acts as a friendly hand for individuals and institutions to contribute to financial stability by assuring to discharge the debts with documents.

Our goal is to help everyone! For this reason, Emir Asset Management prepares the most reasonable payment plan according to the ability to pay and debt of individuals and institutions, regardless of where they are in the country and in what occupational group, and aims to discharge their debt by determining appropriate time periods for them. Emir Asset Management evaluates different payment requests from customers and creates a structuring plan that is appropriate to the budget of all segments and creates a world of financial freedom.

To provide our customers with financial freedom by creating payment plans appropriate to their economic potential.

To be the most digital, most reliable, and highest quality asset management company and to share our power at peak with our internal and external customers

Emir Asset Management, Since its establishment, has always pursued a policy of prioritizing customer satisfaction. Therefore, adding value to individuals and units is a priority task. Emir Asset Management always adopts an objective and open understanding of service with honesty, equality, and accuracy as core values.

Emir Asset Management is based on impartiality, honesty, customer satisfaction, and accountability within the framework of its commitment to its mission and vision. Presenting financial freedom to its clients with documents, Emir Asset Management always aims to increase the satisfaction of its customers and to provide solutions to their needs.